Rocksteady Promotions Crushed 2017 Goals

Rocksteady Promotions' President detailed the company's goal-crushing success in 2017 and aggressive goals for the year to come. She also highlighted a few benefits of setting clear business objectives.

“This has been a huge year for Rocksteady Promotions,” stated Joy, the company’s President. “We are currently the number one office for our smart energy solution provider. We’ve also developed tons of new leaders over the past year. As we prepare for 2018, we’re more invested than ever in the leadership development of our team members.”

The company’s commitment to immersive training makes developing leadership skills easier. Joy remarked, “We give all our associates plenty of opportunities to hone their leadership abilities. Everyone gets the chance to participate in various processes, which means all our team members are equipped with a comprehensive view of what our managers and assistant managers do. They’re prepared from their first days on the job to evolve into capable leaders.”

In 2018, Joy plans to focus on growing more markets for Rocksteady Promotions as well as developing stronger teamwork. “Collaboration around our office is already very strong,” she added. “However, I hope our associates can take their efforts to another level in 2018. We’ll be focusing more than ever on open communication in order to enable streamlined team efforts on our biggest projects.”

Rocksteady Promotions’ President on the Power of Setting Clear Goals

Goal setting is a major point of emphasis in every successful organization. Clear objectives give people direction and help them stay focused when things get tough. Joy commented, “Our Rocksteady Promotions training program stresses goal-setting from the very beginning. Nothing keeps people performing at their best quite like aggressive and well-defined targets.”

Along with helping professionals stay inspired, clear objectives also make it easier for them to track their progress. The firm’s President continued, “With clearly drawn benchmarks in place, our associates can create action steps that lead to minor milestones. For every small victory they achieve, our people get an added boost of inspiration. They create momentum that helps them stay the course right through to successful outcomes.”

The ability to measure progress also enables people to make meaningful improvements. Joy concluded, “Constant learning is a hallmark of the Rocksteady Promotions ethos. When our team members have clear goals driving their efforts, they can see where they need to make improvements. As they get closer to their ultimate objectives, they also see how they can build on their unique strengths.”

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