Rocksteady Promotions is Boosting Its Reach

Rocksteady Promotions' President detailed the company's current expansion effort and the team members leading it. She also highlighted a few of the advantages of entering new markets.

There’s a buzz throughout the Rocksteady Promotions office as the company embarks on an expansion into Maryland. Joy, the firm’s President, explained that the firm’s continuing growth is due to demand for its innovative consulting and marketing services. Opening new markets will allow associates to reach a host of receptive customers on behalf of smart energy solution providers.

Matt is heading up the Maryland expansion. Joy stated, “Matt has a strong crew behind him as he leads this venture. Our entire team knows he’s going to do well in the new market because Matt is one of those people who always gives it his all and doesn’t understand the concept of doing things halfway. He’s an extremely motivated and determined individual. Matt wants and expects more, both for himself and his team members.”

There will be hiring opportunities thanks to Rocksteady Promotions’ ongoing expansion. Joy noted that company leaders would be looking for business-minded candidates who are committed to learning new things every day. Constant improvement is a hallmark of the company’s work culture, so any prospective hires will need to have strong growth-oriented mind-sets. 

Rocksteady Promotions’ President on the Benefits of Business Expansion

Adding fresh talent to the mix is one of the prime advantages of opening new markets. Another is the broader customer base a company can reach. Rocksteady Promotions associates are excited to engage new demographics as they take full advantage of the Maryland expansion. Joy stated that each growth venture is an opportunity to turn more people on to the benefits of smart energy, so it’s an inspiring time to be part of the Rocksteady Promotions family.

The morale boost that comes with expanding into a new market is also a powerful benefit for an organization. People are more motivated to hit their own high targets for professional and personal development when their companies push forward into the marketplace. Growth mindsets are common throughout the Rocksteady Promotions workspace. Joy believes these ambitious mentalities will be even stronger in the wake of the company’s current expansion.

Rocksteady Promotions’ reputation as a leading provider of consulting and marketing services will also grow as a result of entering Maryland. The President explained that further expansion opportunities would present themselves as team members maximize the new market’s potential.

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