Rocksteady Promotions is Expanding to Maryland

Rocksteady Promotions is widening the company's map by expanding into a new region. The firm's President discussed this move and the team member leading it. She also shared her thoughts on the importance of setting ambitious goals.

As the company's reputation continues to grow, Rocksteady Promotions leaders are setting aggressive goals for expansion. Joy, the firm's President, stated, "We're excited to announce that we're opening a new office in Maryland. This is the latest venture in our ongoing efforts to expand our influence and build awareness for Inspire Energy. Bryan is leading this expansion due to the hard work and dedication he has shown in reaching his own goals."

The President contends that Bryan is the ideal choice to spearhead the Maryland expansion for a variety of reasons. She explained, "Brian is committed to learning new things every day, which has considerably aided his advancement. I have no doubt that he will continue broadening his skill set even as he settles into this new market. Brian has a lot of ideas for what Rocksteady Promotions can achieve in Maryland. He's always had the drive to do more, so I know he's looking forward to making the most of this unique opportunity."

Expanding into Maryland will allow members of Team Rocksteady Promotions to widen Inspire Energy's reach, bringing smart energy solutions to new demographics. "We help create a movement for real change," Joy added. "I'm happy that we have the chance to bring more customers around to the importance of alternate energy sources."

Rocksteady Promotions' President on the Power of Goal Setting

Joy understands that a business can't maintain the status quo if it's going to remain successful. "We operate in a competitive industry," she remarked. "It's not enough for us to keep things as they are, even when we're racking up consistent wins. We do our best to set higher benchmarks on a regular basis, challenging ourselves to go beyond our current skill sets. Making sure these objectives are as clear as possible helps our associates measure progress and make the right adjustments to improve their chances of success."

Maintaining a growth mind-set is a point of emphasis throughout the Rocksteady Promotions office. The President commented, "We encourage appropriate risk-taking because we know there's always something new to learn, even when things don't work out as expected. By focusing on improvement, we allow our team members to push themselves without worrying about failure."

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