Rocksteady Promotions Supporting Alliance for Lupus Research

The Rocksteady Promotions team recently supported the Alliance for Lupus Research (ALR) by participating in the Walk for a Cure. The company’s President expressed how happy she is that her team supported this cause.

Giving back to the community is an integral part of Rocksteady Promotions’ culture. The team members come together on a regular basis to identify causes to which they have personal connections. They then work together to select a nonprofit organization to support. The Alliance for Lupus Research was the most recent of these selections.

“This walk was an amazing experience for our team,” the President said. “Lupus is a difficult disease to live with and there is currently no cure. It affects around 1.5 million Americans. This is definitely a worthwhile cause to support! The walk was also a fun bonding activity for the whole.”

The Alliance for Lupus Research is a voluntary health organization with a mission to find better treatments and ultimately a cure for systemic lupus erythematosus. This form of lupus can affect many parts of the body and can potentially have quite serious symptoms. ALR is the largest lupus research organization and has a cumulative research commitment of $100 million as of 2015.

“If there is any organization that will find a cure, it is ALR,” said Rocksteady Promotions’ President. “They give 100 percent of public donations, including those made through the walk, directly to funding research. It is great to know we are supporting an organization with such a strong ethical code. I think knowing that made us even more motivated to participate in this event.”

In total, 30 people from Rocksteady Promotions participated in the Walk for a Cure. The company’s associates often prefer events like this over financial contributions because it gives them a chance to work together to support a cause. The walk served as much as a team-building exercise as it did a community service experience.

Rocksteady Promotions’ President Discussed Giving Back

According to Rocksteady Promotions’ President, giving back to the community should be a priority for every business. She asserted, “We all have a responsibility to try and have a positive impact. Companies should be at the forefront of that effort.”

“Of course, giving back isn’t just about altruism,” she continued. “It is as rewarding for the giver as it is for the recipient. Whenever we work together to support a cause, we are left feeling truly fulfilled. I think giving back is one of our most valuable cultural investments.”

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